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Asthma is Back

All is Fair in Sports?

Crabwalking Backwards

Do Not Try This At Home



An Athlete With Asthma
by Caroline Hellman

Introducing "An Athlete with Asthma" by Caroline Hellman

Woe is Me
A child's complaint with growing up asthmatic.

Becoming an Athlete
Slowly but surely I joined the ranks of the tested and true swimmers.

Blue in the Face
It is hard to admit it when one feels defeated.

Return to the Deep
Getting back into the swim of things helps Caroline breathe easier.

All that Asthma and Nowhere to Go
The difficult thing about asthma is that sometimes it hits you in the most removed and/or surprising of places, and you’re totally unprepared.

Bring On the Cold
When arctic air rushes in, some asthmatics head for the (indoor) hills.

The Great Outdoors
This is a somewhat problematic title right now given the scope of the South Asian "natural" disaster, but read on for specifics.

It isn't a Mystery
When Wheezing Wakes You Up

Asthma Out of the Blue?
Not Usually.

The Absence of Athleticism
Difference can be unsettling.

A Veritable Asthma Convention
Going on Vacation with the Asthmatics is Always Fun

Breathing Guilt
Sometimes the psychology behind a disease can be just as significant as the physical one.

Guilt and Circumstance
Sometimes we feel guilty just because we're wheezing.

You're Not Just Ruining Your Own Health
The Effects of Smoking Carry Through Generations

Are Asthma Inhalers Synonymous with Illegal Steroids?
A look at a recent controversy.

Puffing Away
Using the Inhaler Doesn't Have to be so Fraught

Don't Take Tylenol for that Cough
News regarding asthma and acetaminophen

Summer Sun
Running in the summer can be rewarding and taxing at the same time.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
Back in Action

Hope and Possibility
A recent road race inspires Caroline.

Popular Asthma Drugs Being Questioned
Will Advair and Serevent go by the wayside?

It's More than Bombs

When Advair Isn't on Vacation
Accepting a need for medication is hard.

Katrina and Asthma
The effect of the storm on illness is too soon to tell.

Advair's New Rival?
A New Drug on the Market

Falling into Autumn
How to Deal with the Cold

The Annual Check-Up
Asthma and All

The Last Doctor's Visit
Asthma is A-OK

It's that Time Again
Wheezing is Back

Health in Spite of You
A Good Run in the Face of Christmas Candy

Asthma is Back
A New Year and the Same Asthma

All is Fair in Sports?
Problematic Petition

Crabwalking Backwards
Different People, Different Motivations

Do Not Try This At Home
Questioning Dependency on Medicine

Running Away from Asthma


Caroline Hellman