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About the Exhale Foundation

Managing the limitations of COPD takes knowledge, motivation, a positive outlook on life, access to the best medical and exercise experts - and the Exhale Foundation, the organization that makes it all happen.

Created by the same team behind CreakyJoints, the premier arthritis service organization and online community, the Exhale Foundation's mission is to help people with COPD, asthma, emphysema, or other respiratory disorders breathe easier through education, camaraderie, and (we hope) humor.

Through this web site, we provide an online community where people can get together, read stories, share experiences, and talk about their triumphs over COPD. We encourage you to Become a Member so that we can send you our e-mail newsletter letting you know of new articles on our web site, special events and offers, chats, discussions with drug companies, and more.

"Off-line," the Exhale Foundation holds the B-Games in cities around the country. These B-Games events teach people how to exercise and breathe better.

For physicians and other health care providers, The Exhale Foundation will be launching programs aimed at improving the quality of life of their patients. In addition to this Patient-oriented site, we have a Health Professional-oriented site where we invite them to become an Exhale Foundation Affiliated Professional so that they may be kept up-to-date about these events.

Our web site and our events are always free-of-charge to participants, thanks to sponsors who care most about delivering a message of health and support.

We hope that you enjoy all that the Exhale Foundation has to offer you.

Louis Tharp, CEO
Seth Ginsberg, President
and the Exhale Foundation Team:

Richard Tjoa, Web Site Manager and CTO
Chris Studer, Program Manager
Andrew Keshner, Staff Writer
Ian Cappelletti, Staff Writer
Chris Vallebuona, Contributing Writer
Jessica Kim, Illustrator
James Bumgardner, CFO

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