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Introducing the Exhale Foundation - a sigh of relief for those of us with COPD.

If you're a caregiver to someone with COPD, or if you suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a group of conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma or other breathing-related problems, you've come to the right place!

The Exhale Foundation is an organization operated and run by social entrepreneurs devoted to helping patients lead better, healthier lives while coping with COPD. (If you have arthritis, we encourage you to visit our sister site, CreakyJoints, the premier arthritis service organization and online community.)

While you're here, though, signup for updates and be sure to tour the site for information about news and upcoming events, read about the Exhale Foundation team, participate in our discussion boards, and most importantly, learn how to start breathing better.



New York City has 123,000 fewer female smokers in 2007 than in 2002
The NYC Department of Health reported a decline in the number of women who smoked.

Looking into Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
Besides medical therapy, Lung Volume Reduction Surgery appears to be another helpful way in fighting COPD.

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Exhale Foundation's very own advice columnist dispenses information on life, love, and living with COPD.

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In the aftermath of Valentine's Day, Cupid is not always present.

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