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Mistreatment, Freedom from Addiction, and Mistreatment

Social (Mis)Behaviors

Relationships Rear Their Ugly Heads

Happy Valentine's Day!

Spousal and Bodily Burdens


Ask Al Veoli

Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!
Boys (and aunts) make for trouble

Politics, Polemics, and Pizzas
Whether at work, in the kitchen, or at a restaurant, interpersonal skills can be a challenge.

In Kneed of Advice
"I hurt my meniscus!", "My bf's parents stink!", and "I've condemned an innocent man!"

Fence, Aisle, Fence
Two readers ask about lost loves, while one reader inquires about a love to lose.

From a Distance
Three readers contemplate the factors that lead their relationships to crumble: a child, a dog, and a disappearing act.

In Love and War
Three readers contemplate quandaries with boyfriend, friend, and woman.

Conscience and Communication
"Is honesty always the answer?"; "I may never get a cell phone!"; and "Friend or Boyfriend?" These are not questions for the faint of heart.

Cleaning, Confusing, and Mothering Woes
Three readers write in about roommate abuses, professor advances, and bossy friends.

Love's Liabilities
A Nose is Punched, Trust is Lost, and Love is Distant

Find out what it means to these people.

No Love for Me
Three readers lament the lack of friendship, sex, and romance in their lives.

The Internet, the Pain, and the Trust
Three readers question web relationships and webless relationships.

Doubt, Lack, Doubt
Two readers are dubious of partners' fidelity, while one desires the presence of fidelity at all.

Compromised, Cramped, and Cantankerous
Three readers question themselves and others in matters of sex, exercise, and weight.

Weight, Cheat, and Miss
Three readers try to control their bodies and minds.

When Youth and/or Youth in Retrospect Can Be Trouble
Readers write in about growing pains.

I've Been with My Partner 12 years and...
Some people in long term relationships articulate their disgruntlement.

Kissing, Yelling, Flirting
Three readers have quandaries concerning intimacy, abuse, and marriage.

Questioning Faith
Three readers ask about boyfriends gone awry.

Helpless, Unhappy, and Alone
Child Abuse, Chummy Ex-Families, and User Boyfriends interrupt days of independence sometimes.

Health Insurance, Parents, and Husbands
When each fails us, where do we turn?

Dating, Dating, Marrying?
Appropriate etiquette can be elusive.

The Wedding Issue
Navigating wedding etiquette can be difficult.

Murky Waters
When Decisions are not clear-cut

Compassion, Paranoia, & Gerbils
"What to say to a new amputee," "Is my ex-boyfriend disgruntled?" "I need a gerbil immediately"

Sweatshirts, Exes, and Self-Destruction
Maintaining Sanity when Friends and Partners Change

Possession, Divine Intervention, and Abandonment
Confronting Life's Curve Balls

On the Internet, in the Past, and in Person
How to Interact

The Holiday Special
Christmas Quandaries & All that Jazz

The Ranch, The Bygone Boyfriend, and The Unholy Kiss
Relationships, as usual

Mistreatment, Freedom from Addiction, and Mistreatment
New Year, Same Problems

Social (Mis)Behaviors

Relationships Rear Their Ugly Heads
Needed: Self-Esteem

Happy Valentine's Day!
Three readers ask what they can do to save unhappy relationships.

Spousal and Bodily Burdens
In the aftermath of Valentine's Day, Cupid is not always present.