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Al Veoli: In Kneed of Advice

Al Veoli

Dear Al Veoli:

I may have had a meniscus injury to my knee about a year ago and lately I have had problems with my knee locking causing my leg to stop before straightening out. I don't know what to do but I would like to avoid seeing a Dr.

-Sports Fan

Dear Sports Fan:

Big Al understands the predicament that you are in. Does one continue on in pain, or does one risk being sidelined for many weeks? Al Veoli believes that it is always better to be safe than sorry. Although you might not be able to be active for a little while, it is better than sustaining a more serious injury possibly requiring surgery. Al Veoli recommends that you see a doctor and see what the problem is. If you are not satisfied, get a second opinion. Unfortunately, sometimes there's no way around seeing a doctor for a medical condition, though it is possible you could consult a physical therapist or athletic trainer for a different kind of assessment.

Dear Al Veoli:

My ex-boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and he thinks that I cheated on him when I didn't. Sometimes it seems like everything is going to work out but then he says he can't be with me because his parents won't approve of us. I used to live with them, but after we had the fight they think I'm lying and they don't like me. I feel hate that is the main reason stopping us from being together. I love him and I don't want to lose him. He says he is supposed to respect his parents and they say they will disown him for even talking to me. He is 21. What do I do?

-Down and Out

Dear Down and Out:

There seem to be a few issues here. The first is that your boyfriend believes that you cheated on him even though you say that you did not. It is clear to Al Veoli that there are problems with trust in this relationship. If your boyfriend cannot trust you, then what kind of relationship do you have? As for his parents, Al Veoli believes that he has a decision to make. Obviously your boyfriend should respect his parents, but his parents must realize that he is an adult and can make his own decisions. If you really love one another, then Al Veoli believes that your boyfriend must stand up for both of your rights and send a clear message that they must treat both of you fairly.

Dear Al Veoli:

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and we have a child together. I recently experienced a lot of problems and I never realized that I was the one who needed to do most of the changing, not him. I am used to being with guys who let me run the relationship, but he stands up for himself. During this time of problems in my relationship I ran to my parents and friends about how bad of a guy he was. I just recently realized, he isn't and all he has wanted all along is to be a family. How do I change what my friends and family think, Have I caused too much damage to turn back?

-In Too Deep

Dear In Too Deep:

Al Veoli believes that it is never too late to turn back and make amends. If your friends and family really love you and believe in your judgment, then they will accept that you want to be with your boyfriend. Al Veoli recommends that you discuss why your feelings for your boyfriend have changed and hope that they can remain a positive and supportive force in your life.

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