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Al Veoli: Murky Waters

Al Veoli

Dear Al Veoli:

I just moved to a new city for college with a new roommate. She and I get along really well. She dated this guy for a while, but they broke up and now see each other as friends. THe thing is that he's interested in me and asked me out. Do I have to tell my roommate about it?


Dear Murky:

Please consider not only "telling" your roommate about it, but asking your roommate whether it is okay with her that you date her ex. Given that you live together and are friends, that stuff is more important than any relationship with a guy you hardly know. In general, it's best to stay completely away from dating people your friends did. Much better to find your own guy.

Dear Al Veoli:

My girlfriend's dog just died. How do I comfort her?


Dear Murky:

As we learned over again the past couple of weeks, dogs are people, too, and people feel the loss of a dog very acutely. You are sensitive to know that your girlfriend needs to be comforted, and that's important. Just spending some simple time with her may be good, and maybe a nice card telling her you support her would be welcome. You could even make some sort of memorial photo album or scrapbook of her dog.

Dear Al Veoli:

I went out with this guys for four months. Then we broke up and now he has a new girlfriend. Problem is, I don't think his gf likes me. I wanna get back together with him.


Dear Murky:

There just might be a connection between you wanting to get back together with your ex and his current girlfriend disliking you. If this guy has a girlfriend, you should respect that and go your own way without trying to encroach on his current relationship. Surely you can find a worthy man and leave them to their own devices.

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