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An Athlete With Asthma

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by Caroline Hellman

Caroline Hellman

Well, I've realized that my asthma is an excellent weight control. My aunt Debby and her twin and their mother sneeze three times when they're full, and although they might continue eating, they know that in good conscience they should stop.

My asthma has begun to do the same thing. Whenever I get past a certain weight, my wheezing worsens and kicks in to tell me that I'd better get my butt in gear.

This happened this past weekend, after various work obligations, travel, and baby-related events have cut into my running time. Now, I fully realize that this is no excuse whatsoever, but I've been "running around" a lot lately, and have only gotten about 3 runs in the past couple of weeks, instead of 4-5.

My lungs are apparently fully aware of that fact, so I will make amends this week, especially since I'm about to start training for something pretty serious running-wise. Thanks, asthma! You're doing me a favor.